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Two Years!


Happy Birthday!

It has been two years on February 9th since I published my first blog post. And since that day, I have been coming to you every Sunday morning with stories and photos, wit and revelations. I started writing this blog to tell some stories to my kids and family. And along the way, I picked up some other followers. I hope all of my readers have enjoyed the year.


As I said last year on the one-year birthday of my blog, I set out to tell my story and at the same time learn some things about myself. I especially wanted to write down important memories I had before I lost them. So that in the future, my kids would have a place to go to find the answer to a question they may have about events long ago. I’m fortunate my own parents wrote down their story and gave it to each of us four children. During the year, I’ve also had a chance to share some fresh memories that were worth archiving as well.


In the past 12 months, I wrote on some noteworthy milestones. My wife and I went to Paris in May for the first time and we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in December. I wrote about the special relationship my siblings and I share and I went to Disney World for my very first time accompanied by my brother. And of significant note, my wife and I became grandparents for the first time with the birth of our daughter’s first child.


I had some fun along the way and as in my previous year of blogging, learned some things about myself. Hopefully you too have enjoyed these posts.


My list of blog topics has continued to grow but at the same time, I struck some significant topics off my list. As of this writing, I still have 18 more topics to write about, many of which will be multiple posts due to their length.


While I have again come to you every Sunday morning for a second year (104 posts in all), I must admit it sometimes has been quite challenging. At times this past year, I’ve considered cutting back to posting just every other week but for now, I am going to try to continue my weekly posts on Sunday morning (for an explanation of why Sunday morning, click here). But if you don’t find a new post one Sunday morning, please check back the next Sunday because I don’t intend for two weeks to go by without me bringing you some message.


Here’s to another year of blogging!

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