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Three Years!


Happy Birthday!

It’s hard for me to believe but on February 9th it will have been three years since I published my first blog post. And since that day, I have been coming to you every Sunday morning with stories and photos, wit and revelations. I started writing this blog to tell some stories to my kids and family. And along the way, I picked up some other followers as well. I hope all of my readers have enjoyed the year.


When I looked back at my Two Year blog post, I was amazed to read that at that time, I only had 18 topics left on my list of blog ideas. Obviously I added to that during the year as I have published 52 more posts since then (for a total of 156!) and still have more topics on that list I haven’t written on yet.


In the past 12 months, I wrote on what I would consider some noteworthy topics. I wrote about how I ended up in the career I have enjoyed for over 30 years. I wrote several posts about my dad for whom I realize I still have not yet fully grieved his loss. I wrote several posts about travel including our annual SIBSAB, which took place in Amsterdam. And I wrote about how my wife and I met and what a treasure she is. And of significant note, not only did we celebrate the one-year anniversary of becoming grandparents, but we also welcomed the birth of two granddaughters.


I am pleased that I have been able to blog weekly for another year. I really thought at one point during the year that I was going to run out of topics to write about. While I still have some stories on that list to tell, I’ve struck 109 of them off the list. But it is often unexpectedly fun when a topic just comes to me out of the blue and I jot it down quickly lengthening my list even as I whittle it down.

So here’s to another year of blogging!


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