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One Year


Happy Birthday!  It has been one year to the day since I first published my blog post.  I must say it was my daughter and my wife—both who blog—that served as the inspiration for me to start this blog.  And since that day, I have been coming to you every Sunday morning with stories and photos, wit and revelations.  I started writing this blog to tell some stories to my kids and family.  And along the way, I picked up some other followers.  I hope all of my readers have enjoyed the year.

So why Sunday morning?


Well it is in honor of my Dad. He was a Presbyterian minister and for over 40 years, he brought his message to his church members on Sunday mornings.  My Dad touched many lives during his lifetime, not just in his Sunday morning sermons but in the many things he did to serve his church, a life for which I am most proud (A Glimpse of My Dad).  So I thought I would try to bring my messages to you in the same tradition, every Sunday morning.


I set out to tell my story and at the same time learn some things about myself.  I especially wanted to write down important memories I had before I lost them.  So that in the future, my kids would have a place to go to find the answer to a question they may have about events long ago.  I’m fortunate my own parents wrote down their story and gave it to each of us.  During the year, I’ve also had a chance to share some fresh memories that were worth saving as well.


On more than one occasion I’ve mentioned that I am a scientist so I know the English scholars out there may find my writing grammatically lacking.  I have had the wonderful assistance of my wife, an excellent proofreader so whatever errors remain undetected, I must take full responsibility for those.  Hopefully these remaining errors have not diminished your reading of these posts.

As I mentioned in my very first blog post, my hope was that you, my reader would learn some things about yourself also.  So often, it is in reading someone else’s words that we make a discovery—sometimes an important one—about ourselves.    And while I know none of my writing will ever win a literary award, if it has touched your life in some way, or helped you to learn something about yourself, then that is award enough for me, an award I know my dad received many times during his lifetime.

While I have come to you every Sunday morning for a year, I must admit it sometimes has been challenging.  Going forward, I may miss a Sunday every once and a while, but not because I am playing hooky, it’s just my other life’s responsibilities may preclude me from achieving my weekly goal.  But if you don’t find a new post one Sunday morning, check back the next Sunday because I don’t intend for two weeks to go by without my bringing you some message.

Here’s to another year of blogging!


9 thoughts on “One Year Leave a comment

  1. Bravo!! I don’t have the discipline to do anything for a year! I love your blog as you know, and I have gleaned many nuggets of wisdom from you. And the memories!! Joy, laughter, and tears. Life is good little brother and can’t wait to see you at SibSab.

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement; I appreciate you being one of my loyal readers. I am glad you have enjoyed the blog. I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you and others.

  2. How sweet! I never knew that that was why you posted on Sunday mornings! I am so happy that you started blogging–I have heard stories and learned things about you that I never knew. It is a joy to be a grown-up kid, to have the opportunity to get to know you and mom as people! Here’s to another year of stories and pictures! Love you!

    • I obviously would not have started without you and your mom blazing the frontier and of course without the help of your scientist. I am pleased that you have learned some things; that was what I wanted to do, to tell some stories and share some memories before they were lost. And there is more to come…

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