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Welcome to this new blog!

Whether you came to this site intentionally or just happened upon it by chance in one of your Internet searches, I say welcome again.  For you as a visitor, you have probably explored a multitude of similar blogs.  For me, this is a whole new experience.  I have twice been the guest author of another blog,, but I have never created one of my own.  But that is exactly what I hope to do at this site, explore creativity.

By the domain name you probably are wondering, “What is up with that?”  I must first explain that I have been a professional scientist for over 30 years and have intently focused myself on pursuing mostly scientific endeavors.  Only in the recent past I have begun exploring my own creativity.  And what I am finding is that there has been a spark of creativity within me my whole life.  Only through some hard reflection have I come to recognize this, but I am finding that I like it very much.  So here is where it will be discovered and expanded.

I cannot promise you will find something new here on a regular basis but hopefully at least a frequent basis; I am, after all, still a professional scientist years away from retirement.  But I know that just getting to this point I have discovered a number of things about myself.  My hope is that through your reading here, you will get to know me better and, if you are able to relate to my stories, then maybe you will also learn some things about yourself.  You’ll find at times I like to use cars, planes or trains metaphorically in my expressions, so I will say in closing, “climb aboard; let’s go for a drive.”

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