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Sis Bliss Trip #1

I am pleased to introduce my very first guest blog post on my website.  One of my sisters has dabbled with her own blog post in the past while my other two siblings have not tried blogging yet.  However, the two of them are among my most dedicated readers and so I have been encouraging them for some time to give it a try and just write one guest post as a trial balloon.  Well my oldest sister has now taken up the gauntlet and run with it.  So, without further ado, here it is.  Enjoy!!

As you readers probably know, our family (the four siblings) get together once a year for Sibling Sabbatical or Sib Sab. My brothers also get together once a year on their own for what they call Bro-Go. They talk chemistry and visit and drink lots of good craft beer.

My sister and I finally decided to have our own little visit together, and we named ours Sis Bliss. Since we live in the same part of our state, we see each other quite often so we took advantage of a special exhibit at an art museum to try out our first trip like this. This was a Gaugin exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum, called SLAM.

We left on Saturday morning, my sister driving and me riding shotgun. I am a PERFECT front seat driver! Our planned 5 hour drive was lengthened when we decided to stop in Springfield, Missouri, to stop at the very first Bass Pro Shop in America. We had a blast shopping the merchandise there and gazing on all the live fish and turtles on exhibit and the many stuffed animals on display–deer, bear, etc. We decided to eat lunch there at a restaurant named Hemingway’s. Following that theme, our meal consisted of a buffet of clam strips, catfish, shrimp and other seafood, as well as chicken, pork roast, a huge salad and soup bar, and various and sundry veggies and breads. Yummy!

After eating enough to make us both sleepy, we got back on the road and spent the rest of our drive reminiscing, laughing and snacking (one of our favorite things to do).

We arrived in St. Louis (what our trip navigation called St. Louee) in mid afternoon. I had booked us what I thought looked like a nice high rise hotel about an 8 minute drive from the museum. It WAS nice, but badly needed updating (we were told it had been sold to the Le Meridien group who planned to totally redo it). Our great plans to swim in the huge indoor pool or explore in the city gave way to just a quiet rest on our beds–reading and playing on our iPads and phones.  We were pooped! We even decided not to venture out for dinner, instead choosing to order pizza that was delivered right to the front desk. The pizza was from a St. Louis landmark:

Imo’s. It was unique and delicious. We felt justified that we had chosen wisely.

One of the perks in being in a high-rise hotel is the view from our window. It was nice at night, but the next morning we had a perfect on-going show of the sun rising. We were able to see the whole gambit of colors in the cloudless sky. A fantastic way to start our day!

After the sun had risen and our show was complete, we had a mediocre breakfast buffet in the hotel. The only saving grace was endless cups of Starbucks coffee that we drank while we chatted happily and solved life’s problems!

We were the first ones at the door of the museum when it opened at 10. We were both surprised and disappointed that Gaugin’s most famous paintings (from his time in the islands) were barely represented. There were several paintings from his early periods and some really interesting ones based on his struggles with religion and especially Catholicism.

We spent some time wandering through the permanent collections of the museum, which were amazing. We also shopped in both gift shops and found some nice things to take home as souvenirs and presents.

Our final meal was at the museum’s restaurant where we enjoyed sandwiches with homemade potato chips followed by a fabulous dessert of hot brownies served with vanilla bean ice cream and drizzles of caramel and raspberry syrup.

On our drive home we kept ourselves awake by listening to an audible book about trees.  I learned things about tress that I didn’t even know I should know! (For example, trees communicate with other trees via root systems. I was blown away but when I said something about it to my 5 year old grandson, he said, “Nanny everyone knows that!”)

All in all it was an awesome trip. My sister and I talked about places we could possibly go for our next Sis Bliss trip. I think we both want to do a trip like this again–MAYBE!

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  1. This is so great! Welcome to the blog! This gives me hope that my siblings and I can do things like this sometime when we aren’t chasing little ones, ha! Eric’s parents live near St. Louis, so we have spent lots of time there and visited that museum. Fun to see you there!

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