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Amsterdam – XXVI


As you read this post, my wife and I will be exploring Amsterdam, a city I have traveled to for a total of 26 times. This trip to the land below sea level will again be so that I can teach my course—for the 86th time. Although my wife has not been able to accompany me on all of these trips to Amsterdam, she has been a number of times with me dating back to her first trip in 1994.


As usual, I will have about a day and half to sightsee with my wife before the course begins. And then she will explore on her own while I teach.

Since she hasn’t been to Amsterdam in a couple of years, there are several museums she can chose from that have recently reopened after having been closed for a number of years for renovations.

Certainly the Rijks Museum, the largest in Holland…


…Or the Stedelijk, the Modern art museum.


…Or the Van Gogh Museum, which boasts the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world.


And as long as the Holland winter has not been as hard as ours in the US, plenty of flowers to see blooming.


Hopefully one night while we are in Amsterdam, we will get to do one of the things we always enjoy doing…


…simply sitting by a canal and enjoying a beer together.


And talk about the place we will be travelling to after I get through teaching that neither of us has been to. A trip to…



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